Angry Birds Gets The Medieval Treatment In Latest Trailer

There are some things I don’t associate with Angry Birds, such as honest console ports, compelling gameplay, and roleplaying. Those are just a few from a longer, much creepier and incredibly personal list. Shockingly, all three have been hinted at over the past few months, in both rumors and official announcements. In their most recent Angry Birds trailer, Rovio boasts: “the most epic soft launch ever.” While we’re not entirely sure what that’s about, it does confirm — at least in theme — the roleplaying rumor.

Take a look:

Speculation time. Perhaps this is an early announcement of a fantasy based Angry Birds. Can’t you just see it? Pigs you kill earn you experience points; you level up abilities rather than receive multiple bird types, and levels are unlocked by completing “quests” — which will essentially require the same prerequisites for beating the level, only now with a fancier “fantasy themed” title.

Honestly, I’m more curious than excited. We’ve reached out to Rovio, and will update the post accordingly.