Azure Striker Gunvolt Gameplay Details Revealed

What’s up with the father of Mega Man, Kenji Inafune, these days? If you’ve been following the world of crowdfunding then your answer would likely be he’s hard at work on Mighty No. 9. While that is true, another game was announced that has Inafune at the helm. It’s called Azure Striker Gunvolt and was announced at this year’s BitSummit conference in Kyoto, Japan.

But what exactly is the game all about? New gameplay details have emerged to help us get a better understanding of the sidescrolling action game. Character Gunvolt is equipped with a standard gun which can be fired freely or locked onto targets. He also has a handful of special attacks to damage multiple enemies at once or defend against enemy missiles.

Two enemies, Daytona and Melac, were also revealed. Daytona’s firey appearance is matched by a penchant to attack with explosives. On the other hand, Melac’s focus is on creating portals to warp around the stage. This advantage seems quite treacherous, but tough boss battles is something Inafune game fans have come to expect.

We’ll keep you posted if Azure Striker Gunvolt get announced for US 3DS systems in the near future.