Double Fine Announces Costume Quest 2

Fans of the first Costume Quest are getting a very special treat this Halloween.  Double Fine Productions has announced Costume Quest 2, which is in full production for PC and consoles.

Speaking with IGN, Studio Director Tim Schafer said that Costume Quest 2 had to happen and that the felt he had little choice in the matter.  “I saw [a sequel] more as a demand. I don’t know that I had much choice in the matter.”

Costume Quest 2 will see Wren and Reynold return as playable characters.  This time they’ll have even more costumes to wear.  Players will get to experience an improved battle system that is, as Schafer describes, “deeper and juicier,” than ever before.

The original Costume Quest launched October 2010 to a good reception.  It accumulated plenty of awards including “Best Downloadable Game” from the 2010 Spike Video Game Awards.  Interestingly, Costume Quest 2 will be the first sequel ever made by Double Fine Productions.

Costume Quest 2 is out Halloween 2014 on PC and consoles.  Which consoles has yet to be determined.