Tale of Tales Announces Next Game – Sunset

Tale of Tales, the experimental developers behind games such as The Path and Luxuria Superbia, always seem to be hard at work with innovative and intriguing endeavors. Today they announced their newest project and revealed a few details.

Titled Sunset, the game situates itself in a fictional tropical location suffering under a regime in the 1970s. You aren’t a resistance fighter or anything like that. Instead, you play as a housekeeper who cleans apartments. While most games would place you directly in the action, Tale of Tales will show a very different side of things.

As the player engages with the occupant of the apartment, they will make choices regarding their bond with the tenant. Should she urge him to join the resistance? Should she love or betray him? Players will be able to make their decisions once Sunset launches in 2015 for Windows, Mac, and Linux.