Indie Gala Supreme Bundle Released

The Indie Gala folks are back with the Supreme bundle. This bundle gives you a ton of shooting action, as well as some puzzling, racing, archery, and RTS gaming for only $4 for the first 48 hours. For as little as $1, you can get Battlepaths, Little Racers Street, and Kami. The latter two unlock on Steam, while Battlepaths is presently available on Desura.. Paying $4 or more gets you those games as well as Probably Archery, Humanity Asset (a great-looking Metroid-style game), Supreme Commander, Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance, and Hostile Waters: Anaeus Rising. Humanity Asset alone looks to be worth the $4 asking price of the whole bundle, while Little Racers Street is a fun little racer that’s also on the Xbox 360, and Kami looks like a relaxing virtual paper-folding game.