Family Guy Game Coming to Mobile

Family Guy, the popular and raunchy Fox series by Seth MacFarlane is coming to Android and iOS “soon.” The game, which will feature a story penned by the show’s writers, also boasts a system that will integrate current events into the adventure.

The title is currently under development at TinoCo, and is a free-to-play, city-building game that, according to Andrew N. Green (TinyCo’s Head of Business Development), is guaranteed to be an authentic Family Guy experience. Players will build and manage their ideal version of Quahog, and the town will feature the show’s expansive roster of characters.

Naturally, free-to-play brings about thoughts of in-app purchases which, as you may know, can very well tarnish an otherwise enjoyable game. Only time will tell whether the implementation will be as evil as, say, The Simpsons Tapped Out, but things are shaping up quite nicely regardless.

Below are the first screenshots of the title, which unsurprisingly capture the shows art style perfectly.