Sony Increases PlayStation 4 Price In Canada

I don’t know if Sony hates Canadian’s as much as the residents of South Park Colorado, but they’re certainly not masking their disregard for consumer value over in the great white north. Recently, the Toronto Sun confirmed that the price of the PlayStation 4 will be increased by $50, bringing its $399.99 tag to $449.99.

Sony claims that the price bump is in response to “changes in the market environment,” and it’s very likely due to the declining value of the Canadian dollar. This is bad news for Canadian gamers, however, as they’ve only recently been treated to increased software prices, including titles such as inFamous: Second Son listed for $69.99 across Canadian retailers.

Whether this price increase is a permanent one is unknown, and Sony has yet to comment on the specifics. It’s unlikely that this will have any major effect on sales, though, with consoles still mostly unavailable across the country.