PlayStation 4 Supersampling From Higher Resolution, The Lego Movie Videogame Proves It

In addition to the virtual slap-fights over console superiority, the ongoing battle between Microsoft’s and Sony’s “legionnaires,” and an uncomfortable amount of name-calling across every video game site on the web, the feud — which is often downright ridiculous — does occasionally reveal some solid truths in the process.

Globalisateur, a member of the Beyond3D forums recently discovered that the PlayStation 4 version of The Lego Movie Videogame uses supersampling from a resolution higher than 1080p. In his post, he points out the differences between horizontal resolution in both versions of the game in a series of images. “Both use the exact same AA but PS4 has a better horizontal resolution. I suspect native 1920×1080 resolution for XB1 vs 1920×1200 for PS4.”

Globalisateur’s post prompted eurogamer to update their analysis of The Lego Movie Videogame, suggesting that the resolution is more likely to be 1920×1280. Indeed, both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions run at native 1080p, and TT Games seems to be the first developer to utilize the PlayStation 4’s capabilities in such a way. While the minimal visual boost is negligible, future titles could prove to be interesting if such applications start trending within the industry.

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