Gamefly Monthly Used Game Sale Begins

Gamefly’s big monthly sales can result in some amazing savings, and if you’ve missed some of the best games of the past year (and Fast and Furious Showdown), you might want to pay attention to the deals here.  $10 gets you Metro: Last Light, Saints Row: The Third, Assassin’s Creed III, Borderlands II, Far Cry 3, Remember Me, Tomb Raider, or God of War: Ascension. $15 nets you Puppeteer or Splinter Cell: Blacklist, while $20 can get you either Disgaea D2, Dragon’s Crown on the PS3, or Dynasty Warriors 8. Those willing to spend a bit more can get The Last of Us for $30. Generally, PS3 versions are the best to pick up from these super-sales since the games are former rentals, and Blu-Rays are much harder to damage than basic DVDs.