King Wants to Pay You for Photographs

A few weeks ago, ABC News covered a segment on Foap, a mobile app boasting to turn your photos into cash. The application has been around since this past summer but is just now gaining a larger audience. You submit photographs to the app and it is released to the public. Other users can rate how much they like it and eventually companies could take notice. You can enter certain missions which are sponsored by companies such as Honey Maid, Garnier and King. If your picture is chosen by them they will use it for advertisements or social media campaigns and you get paid the predetermined amount of the reward.

King has been fighting numerous battles over legal issues. Most of them involve the rights to sue over the use of certain words in a games’ title or even stealing the idea of Candy Crush from someone else. King is looking to get the public on their side by hosting a contest on Foap. They want you to submit a photo of you playing one of their games and if you’re lucky you could win $1,000.00. They’re banking on the amount of addicted fans to fuel this contest which already has over 280 submissions. King’s contest ends after ten days.