Rumor: Activision To Name PS4 As Lead Platform for Call of Duty

Talk about scandalous!  The Call of Duty franchise was well known for being one of Xbox 360’s biggest brands.  It may have launched on PS3, but the Xbox 360 version always sold the best.  Microsoft and Activision inked a deal that saw all DLC release a month early on Xbox 360.  Well, that might all change very soon.

Well known industry insider Pete “Famousmortimer” Dodd posted on NeoGaf that Activision is jumping ship from Xbox to PlayStation.  In fact, Dodd says that Activision could be prepping a public announcement any day now.

“I’m not ready to jump on the XB1 is doomed train yet,” wrote Dodd. “Titanfall, or really any game, can turn the fortunes, but as of now – yes, good start but valid concerns. The PS4 is above and beyond all projections and publishers are re-calibrating to this. I heard that Activision is going to make a public announcement about COD changing to the PS4 as lead platform. I have no idea if this means DLC (I assume MS locked that down for multiple years) but COD was a XBOX 360 game that happened to be on the ps3 last gen. That will be a hugely symbolic move… and don’t discount what that means to the masses.”

Obviously this all needs to be taken with a grain of salt.  However, Dodd has been known to be pretty accurate.  He was the one who first came out claiming that Call of Duty: Ghosts ran at a lower resolution on Xbox One than PS4.

We’ll see if Activision makes any announcement.

Thanks, Dualshockers!