Rumor: Titanfall Fails To Help Xbox One Outsell PS4

Titanfall has long been used by Microsoft as a shield against Sony’s PS4.  Currently, the PS4 is vastly outselling the Xbox One in every major market, but many have seen Titanfall as the game that will turn it all around.  Well, if the following sales data is true, then it doesn’t look like Titanfall is that game.

Insiderp, a website formed by supposed industry insiders, has reported that while Titanfall did help move Xbox One hardware, the PS4 still outsold it.  This was thanks to Sony allocating an extra 200,000 PS4s globally last week.

Take these numbers with a huge grain of salt.  We won’t know the truth until the NPD Report for March 2013 is released or Sony, Microsoft or EA come forth to confirm any of these numbers.

In the UK, the Xbox One sold 23,000 to the PS4s 27,000 units.  Titanfall on the Xbox One sold 125,000 copies and was the best-selling game in the UK last week.

In the US, the hardware race was too tight between the PS4 and Xbox One to declare a winner.  It was noted that both consoles sold over 100,000 units.  Titanfall on Xbox One sold 480,000 copies.

In the rest of Europe, Titanfall made no difference.  Xbox One 12,000 units compared to the PS4s 80,000 units.  Titanfall on Xbox One sold about 100,000 copies.

Once again, take these numbers with a grain of salt.  We’ll have to wait for a while to find out exactly how the PS4 and Xbox One did in March.