Gaijinworks Open to Releasing Physical Copy of Class of Heroes 2G Limited Edition

Last summer, we reviewed Gaijinworks’ JRPG dungeon-crawler Class of Heroes 2. In fact, we reviewed it quite favorably! The truth is, it was a polished roleplaying experience ripe with adventure and a high degree of challenge. Unfortunately, the game was only released for PSP, which means about eight people actually played the thing. (Kidding! Kind of…) Still, that hasn’t stopped the game’s publisher from bringing it to a larger audience by releasing an overhauled version entitled Class of Heroes 2G. 2G is the same game released last year, but for PlayStation 3. It adds all sorts of new goodies into the mix, most notably a dual-screen feature that allows folks to use a PSP or Vita with their PS3 in tandem; something of a first of its kind for PlayStation 3 owners! But that’s not all; the PlayStation 3 version will also include all-new weather effects inside each of the game’s sprawling dungeons, new music, more monsters and an all-new 10-level boss-packed Labyrinth.

For the uninitiated, 2G’s publisher Gaijinworks is headed up by the very same guy who formed Working Designs back in the 90s. Vic Ireland’s his name, and he’s somewhat known for loving to release limited editions (see Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete, Lunar 2: Eternal Blue, Arc the Lad Collection, Growlanser Generations, etc.). Naturally, and since he’s an integral player in Class of Heroes 2G’s release, he’s providing the option to players to purchase a physical copy of 2G’s limited edition — if there’s enough fan feedback. This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise for those who picked up CoH2 last year, as it too shipped with a very limited physical copy release. All the same, there’s a caveat in this equation and it’s quite simple: for 2G to receive limited edition packaging of the physical kind, there has to be enough demand for it. Thus, Gaijin has taken to their website to post a simple poll that asks interested parties if they would buy a physical copy of the game.

As of now, Gaijin is saying that 7,000 pre-sells would warrant a release. Included in that limited edition would be a color manual, BD-ROM with color disc label, a full-color reversible cover insert and a serial numbered hologram. They’ve quoted the price of all this at $39.99 plus shipping.

Hence, if you’re into supporting small publishers of JRPGs or simply consider yourself fanatic for the genre and consequently want the rarest of the rare gaming collectibles, then head on over to Gaijinworks’ website and take the poll. Of course, no matter what happens with the physical release, we’ll be reviewing the game when it launches this spring. So check back then to see what we think of it. In the meantime, scope the Japanese boxart of 2G below; while Gaijinworks has said that this cover is nothing more than placeholder art currently, it’s possible that it could end up as the final product. Apparently that will be voted on by fans as well, if the physical edition becomes a reality.