Wolfenstein: The New Order Introduces Frau Engel, Developer Diary also Released

Wolfenstein: The New Order has divided audiences from its very first unveiling. While some are undoubtedly misanthropic about the post-World War 2-themed, alternate-history FPS, others are cautiously optimistic. The truth, though, is that we haven’t seen a lot of the actual game, aside from various teasers. Today, we get more of that teasing, with a gameplay-free video, but one that is still compelling all the same. In the montage, we are shown Frau Engel, a perverse Nazi officer who exhibits an uncomfortable amount of apathy for the human condition. We are introduced to some quality voice acting and a feel for how the narrative will unfold. Aside from this, publisher Bethesda also released a developers diary video in which MachineGames’ Narrative Designer Tommy Tordsson Bjork talks about the creation of the Frau Engel characters. Both trailers can be seen below.

The wait for New Order is quickly coming to an end, as the game is due out in North America on May 20 for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, 360 and PC. Those interested in pre-ordering the title will earn themselves a spot in the upcoming beta for the next Doom game.