Amazon Appstore Offers Up $50 in Content For Free

Amazon is celebrating an appstore anniversary by taking the prices of a ton of things down to $0 until March 22. The biggest deals here include Battle Maiden Yuko Runner, normally $10, Monopoly, which is normally $5, POLARIS Office is usually $13, as is PrintHand Mobile Print Premium. Game-wise, Ski Safari: Adventure Time is normally $1, and Worms Armageddon is $1 in both normal and Kindle Tablet-only versions. Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots is also free, and if you’d like a Sketchbook app, the Pro version of the app is usually $5 and now free. More deals are apparently coming over the next week, so if you’ve got an Android device (including an OUYA) that is capable of running the Amazon appstore, doing so now can net you a ton of savings very soon.