MirrorMoon EP and Fist of Awesome Get 50% Sale on OUYA

OUYA game sales are becoming a far more normal occurrence, and this week’s sale is one of the better ones so far. Both MirrorMoon EP and Fist of Awesome are 50% off, taking the former down to $5 and the latter down to $2.50. MirrorMoon EP is an outstanding space-exploration game with a very serene atmosphere, while Fist of Awersome is a pixel-art beat-em-up with an outdoors theme to it. It’s not quite as good as Fist Puncher, but is still a pretty fun beat-em-up for fans of the genre. MirrorMoon EP is an absolute must-buy at this price, and there’s nothing on the market quite like it. If you don’t already have it for PC, grab it on the OUYA now.