Indie Gala Every Monday Bundle Released

The Indie Gala folks have a brand-new bundle with a wide variety of gaming options available for under $2 right now. For the first 24 hours, you can get Blindside, Major Mayhem, Vanguard Princess, Go Nippon! My First Trip To Japan, Party of Sin, and Shattered Haven for $1.89. This gives you a mix of adventure gaming, shooting, some RPG action, a puzzle platformer, and a visual novel for the cost of a box of donuts at 7-11.¬†Six games for under $2 is a crazy value, with Major Mayhem and Party of Sin seeming like the easiest reasons to pick this up blindly as they both look fairly polished. If any of the games interest you, snatch this thing up ASAP because at under $2, they’ll never be cheaper.