Bundle Stars Extreme Sims Bundle 2 Launched

The Bundle Stars have returned with a massive savings on sim and racing games. For $5, you can get Roller Coaster Rampage, RACE: The WTCC Game and its Caterham Expansion, PROFESSIONAL FARMER 2014, Air Conflicts Vietnam, Bridge Project, TOWTRUCK SIMULATOR 2015, World of Zoo, Pole Position 2014, Ride ’em Low, and the most exciting game yet – THE WAREHOUSE AND LOGITISTICS SIMULATOR. Swear to God, that’s an actual thing – and the cover art is a guy in a forklift shifting boxes around. It’s almost worth $5 just for the art, but hey, you can look at that for free, so why bother paying just for that. As someone who enjoyed using a forklift in Shenmue, they’ve got a place in gaming, but this has to be the most mundane cover yet. Sadly, Grocery Sorter 2015 isn’t included in this bundle – but it should exist soon. Heck, if Oculus Rift can bring virtual grocery shopping to life, then there should at least be a game out there that simulates the excitement of scanning your receipt to make sure you’ve gotten the proper savings with coupons and store memberships.