A Look Inside the Hotline Miami Art Gallery

During GDC, we had the chance to head down to the Book Club Gallery to check out the first ever Hotline Miami art gallery. Of course, that’s not exactly accurate — it was technically a Devolver Digital art gallery complete with inclusions inspired by the new Luftrausers and Shadow Warrior — but we call it a Hotline Miami art gallery because 90% of the art there was based on that game. Of course, that’s for good reason as Hotline Miami is a game that practically begs for artwork (and includes quite a bit of it in the game itself).

Since not everybody can go to San Francisco and the gallery was a limited installation of three days, we snapped pictures of all of the art featured in the gallery. As you’ll see, there’s really not a black sheep in the bunch. The only downside? None of it was for sale (drats!).

Check it out below and let us know your favorite in the comments.