Morpheus and Oculus Won’t Cross Paths, According to Founder

In an interview with Gamesbeat, Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey stated that the market is “not even close to saturation,” and that Oculus is unlikely to cross paths with Sony’s VR headset [Project Morpheus], as it’s exclusive to their console. “We’re an open platform that lets anyone develop anything. Sony is not. There are hundreds of experiences already available for the Rift, and I would bet the vast majority of those would not make it onto a PlayStation 4.”

Luckey believes that Sony entering the VR market is a positive thing, suggesting that “it shows that VR really is something that is gonna have traction.” While the interview was conducted prior to the Facebook acquisition announcement, it’s hard to imagine that anything has changed. The Oculus team is still dedicated to delivering the best VR experience possible, and with strong competition coming forth, there’s a world of possibilities across the playing field.

“Project Morpheus is gonna have a lot of people behind it,” says Luckey. And he means it, too. While the 3D craze that pops about every so often may have faded into its rightful abyss of obscurity, the VR train is chugging ever so swiftly, quickly approaching consumer marketability. Oculus is currently at the forefront, especially with Facebook dollars lining their pockets. How long before other companies follow suit is something only time will tell.