Square Enix Publisher Weekend Begins on Steam – Ends on March 31

If you missed out on the Humble Store’s Square-Enix sale, Steam‘s got another one with some better overall deals. The publisher weekend lasts until March 31, and slashes the prices of some amazing games. Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition and its sequel Invisible War are $1.74, while the Director’s Cut of Deus Ex: Human Revolution is $5.  The complete Just Cause collection can be yours for only $7.50, and with Just Cause 2 getting a recent multi-player mod, this is an unreal deal. Sleeping Dogs and all of its DLC can be yours for $10, or you can get the base game for $5. The extra $5 is well-spent on the Zodiac Tournament DLC, which is a glorious sendup of cheap ’70s kung-fu movies. If you want a slower-paced experience, every Hitman game on Steam can be yours for $11.  Dungeon Siege’s complete collection will only set you back $8, which is the same price for all four games in the Legacy of Kain Collection. The Last Remnant and the kid-friendly 3D platformer Mini Ninjas can be yours for $4 each as well. Having played at least a bit of everything offered up here outside of Dungeon Siege, I can safely recommend every complete collection, and if you’ve got a lot of money saved up in your Steam wallet, it would be well-spent on any of them.