Steel Empire 3DS Remake North America Bound

It wasn’t long ago that uncertainty surrounded whether or not a Japanese game would be localized. That uncertainty has been alleviated to a large extent in this day and age as even the most obscure of Japanese games like Weapon Shop De Omasse eventually made it to our shores. Steel Empire for the 3DS, an excellent and stylistic looking shmup that was initially a Japanese eShop exclusive, will be making its way to North America in the Summer of 2014.

The announcement comes straight from the developer, Starfish-SD, in response to a fan’s plea for a North American eShop release on the official developer Facebook page:

“Hello there. We will release this game in USA this summer. I will upload the information on this site. Please wait.”

This is exciting news for those familiar with the original Steel Empire that was released for the Genesis. The remake of this wicked cool steampunk shooter looks impressive, and we’re glad that we will be able to get our hands on it later this year.

You can check out the original Facebook post for the rest, and also have a look at the original Japanese trailer for the game.