The Arkham Knight Revealed — No, it’s Not Batman

When Batman: Arkham Knight was first announced, many thought the subtitle referred to Batman himself. After all, his official nickname is “The Dark Knight” and considering he’s taken up residence in Arkham City, a name change would make sense. Being that as it may, we were surprised when Rocksteady revealed at GDC that the title was not referring to Batman at all, but an entirely new character.

That’s right, Rocksteady is attempting to do the impossible by introducing a major new character into the series’ mythos. The Arkham Knight is an entirely new character developed in collaboration with DC. Not much is known about him yet, but he resembles a futuristic Batman with a bat-inspired helmet and tactical gear. Instead of working with Wayne, however, the Arkham Knight seems to be some sort of an adversary, pouncing on Batman the first chance he got. Unfortunately, that’s about all we know about him so far in addition to the fact that he likes to jump through the air as he’s firing a gun.

Check out the first images of the character below and read our interview with Rocksteady for more insight on the character.