April’s PlayStation Plus Lineup Announced

March is just whizzing by isn’t it? Just a couple more days until members can get their hands on the newest free titles for their Sony consoles. Coming to the PS4 is Mercenary Kings, a 2D old-school styled action game. You can create custom items, upgrade armor and either play by yourself or with friends.

Batman has been busy lately with a new game in the works, or was that someone else? Either way, PS Plus members on the PlayStation 3 can get Batman: Arkham City and take down the evilest of villains. A Clone in the Dark will also be available. It’s a game the requires stealth, but if you die that’s okay because you’re a clone. And it’s going to happen anyway.

Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse is another freebie for the PlayStation 3. Velocity Ultra, a space shooter, and Pixeljunk Monsters Ultimate HD, a tower defense game, are both free for the PlayStation Vita. You can watch this short video to find out a little more about each game.