Cosmochoria Lands Its Naked Butt on Kickstarter

Cosmochoria hit Steam Greenlight a couple months back and, after a bit of hands-on time with the demo, revealed itself to be a lovely bit of arcade action.  It balances the peacefulness of planting trees on small 2D planets to bring them back to life with the fast-paced shooting necessary to survive waves of flying saucers dropping little blobby aliens on you.  It starts off a bit slow but once you’ve used the crystals enemies drop to buy a few permanent powerups, like faster planting time and a more powerful gun, you can start jetpacking through space at a decent speed, using plants to bring back color to the drab and lifeless planets that make up the galaxy.

After a bit of development time and the demo going public (check it out here, web-browser embedded) it’s time to head to Kickstarter, where Cosmochoria’s campaign started today.  Despite only being on there for a few hours at the time of this writing it’s moving along nicely, currently sitting at over $1800 of it’s $10,000 (Canadian) goal.  It’s a nice start and gives hope that some of the stretch goals will be attained, and also a testament to  how appreciative people can be when given the chance to play as a little naked space dude.