Predator Set To Make a Cameo In Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC

A new horror icon is about to make Call of Duty its home.  The official Call of Duty Instagram has put up a short video of something stalking a player on one of the Devastation Map Pack’s maps.  Something that looks and sounds a lot like a Predator.

The Devastation Map Pack comes with the Ruins map.  Set in some Mayan Ruins, Ruins features plenty of jungle for a Predator to make its home.  It is currently unknown how players can encounter, and presumably be killed by him.

The Predator will become the second horror icon to make its way into Call of Duty: Ghosts.  Onslaught, the first Map Pack, featured a map inspired by the ‘Halloween’ franchise.  Lucky players could become Michael Myers.  Perhaps lucky players will become the Predator on the Ruins map.

Call of Duty: Ghosts – Devastation is out April 3 on Xbox One and Xbox 360.  PlayStation and PC owners will have to wait a whole month before the DLC arrives.  Check out the video on the Call of Duty Instagram page.