Bundle Stars Bring Together Kalypso Games

$4 can get you a lot of gaming action thanks to this Kalypso bundle. For less than the cost of a foot-long sub, you can get the Jagged Alliance Collection, which comes with two games and six pieces of DLC. You’ll also get Tank Operations – European Campaign, Tropico 3 Gold Edition, Alien Spidy with two pieces of DLC, the stunning Sine Mora, SkyDrift, Disciples III: Resurrection, Dollar Dash along with three pieces of DLC, and Dungeons: Steam Edition with two pieces of DLC. This bundle runs the gauntlet from action-RPG to shooters, with some platforming and strategy mixed in. At only $4, you get a lot of high-quality gaming, and this is an easy recommendation to pick up as a blind buy since you’ll find yourself really enjoying at least one of the games here. You would almost have to try to not find something to like.