Amazon Announces Amazon Fire TV

Today Amazon revealed their answer to Apple TV, Roku and Xbox One.  The Amazon Fire TV is a streaming video set-top box capable of streaming TV shows, films and even games.

Amazon Fire TV is the most powerful set-top box in the market, equipped with a quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM and its own dedicated graphics card.  Video is delivered at 1080p with the audio containing Dolby Digital Plus Surround Sound via the use of  HDMI and optical out ports on the back of the device.  The Fire TV’s remote contains a built-in speaker that allows users to easily sort and search through their content.

Fire TV syncs straight to your Amazon account giving you all the benefits of Amazon Prime, but you aren’t just hindered by Amazon’s video and music options as Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, WatchESPN and Pandora among other services that are available.  They’re all free to download, but you’ll still have to pay a subscription fee to use these services.

Video games will play a key role in Amazon Fire TV.  Ubisoft, Double Fine, Gameloft, EA, Disney and Sega will all be bringing titles to the platform, along with over a thousand games expected to launch by next month. This includes Minecraft, The Walking Dead, NBA 2K14 and Amazon Game Studios first released title, Sev-Zero.  Games will cost an average of $1.85.

Amazon also unveiled the Fire game controller which happens to be the exact same model that was leaked a few weeks ago.  Unfortunately, the Fire TV’s controller will not bundled with the console and priced at $39.99.

Amazon Fire TV is available now for $99.