Indie Royale Florida Bundle Released

Amazon might be dominating the news today, but there’s plenty of gaming love to give that doesn’t involve the Fire TV. Indie Royale has launched a new bundle and for whatever reason, it’s called the Florida bundle. It doesn’t include episodes of Good Times, the episode of Family Guy with the “why was I named after a state?” joke, or even Flo-Rida songs, but it does have six games for around $5.┬áThat sum gets you Defense Technica, Mack Ecko’s Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure, Stronghold Crusader HD, BlackSoul: Extended Edition, Angvik, and Zombies on a Plane. While none of these games outside of Getting Up are my cup of tea, and ZoaP is at least seven years behind the Snakes on a Plane craze, if anything here intrigues you, snatch this up ASAP.