Report: Titanfall On Xbox 360 Requires A 1GB Installation

Titanfall is set to launch on Xbox 360 next week after numerous delays.  Those who have been waiting to experience the epicness that is Titanfall, but didn’t want to shell out $500, will finally get their chance to play.  However, if you have an Xbox 360 with only a 4GB HDD you might want to be worried.

As typical with big releases, some retailers have broken street dates and copies have been released into the wild.  One such copy found its way onto TitanfallBlog, a fan site for the game.  The back of the box includes the usual information including player count, output resolutions and that you’ll need Xbox Live Gold to play online.  It also reveals that the game will require a 1GB installation before it can be played.  This installation won’t be mandatory.

Xbox 360 games have always had the option to install to the HDD, but it used to not be required.  More recent games have begun requiring an installation as doing so helps improve the performance of the game.  Loading times are significantly reduced as the machine doesn’t have to constantly keep reading from the disk, which takes longer than reading from the HDD.

Titanfall is out April 8 on Xbox 360, but is available now on Xbox One and PC.  The Xbox 360 version was developed by Bluepoint Games.