Todd McFarlane Contributes His Talents to Ubisoft

The legendary sculptor and toy designer, Todd McFarlane, is responsible for some of the most realistic and coolest-looking figures. He is the award-winning creator of Spawn and has previously worked with Ubisoft on a line of Assassin’s Creed toys. Now, they’re tapping his talents for work on those maniac rabbits from the Rayman games.

Rabbids have been causing trouble since 2006 in Rayman Raving Rabbids. They’ve made appearances in other games and even have their own cartoon on Nickelodeon. The line of toys Todd McFarlane has made include figurines, a noise blaster, dolls and more. Ubisoft interviewed McFarlane about his work on the Rabbids which you can read on their blog. The toys are available now at Walmart.