Charizard becomes his own fighter and Greninja joins the fray in SSB

If you thought the Smash Bros direct ended with the credits you probably missed out on the post credit scene showing Charziard confirmed as his own fighter. What this says about Trainer from Brawl is a mystery, but the trailer also showed that Charizard will get his Mega Form from Pokemon X.

The trailer also showed off a newcomer for the game, Greninja, the Generation 6 water type starter. From the trailer Greninja looks to be fast and agile, with his main strength coming from his jumping prowess, being a frog type pokemon after all. Some of his move highlights include substitution (where he’ll replace his current position with the famous substitute doll), teleporting, and water shurikens.

We’ll have more information when presented. Smash Bros is set to launch Summer for the 3DS and Winter for the Wii U