Tex Murphy: The Tesla Effect Demo Available Now

Tex Murphy is, as of right now, no longer returning.  He’s back and available right this very moment, although admitted only in demo form.  The 4/22 release of Tex Murphy: The Tesla Effect may still be over a week away but, for the first time in 16 years there’s new playable content for post-apocalyptic gumshoe’s FMV adventures.

Tex Murphy had a successful run back in the 90s, when FMV was the future of gaming and adventure games ruled the shelves.  Time passed and things changed, though, and lo-res blocky 3D took over the world for a few too many years.  Admitted, most FMV was garbage, but Tex Murphy grew his fan base with a series of well-told and decently acted adventure games that stuck in the memory for years.  When the opportunity to fund a new adventure via Kickstarter reared its head in 2012, the fans reacted by throwing money at the screen until all three stretch goals were reached, and since its successful completion the campaign updates have shown a game that promises to deliver on every single promise that was made. Available

Tex Murphy is back, and it’s been too long since he’s walked the run-down streets of post-WWIII San Francisco.  It may only be a demo for the moment but that’s still more Tex than we’ve seen in the last 16 years.