Mario Golf: World Tour Set to Offer Extra Courses via Paid DLC

Next month is a big time for the Big N. Mario Kart, Kirby and Mario Golf are all on the release table, giving Nintendo fans plenty to play throughout May and June. But while Mario Kart has been hogging the spotlight over the past weeks, many are simply overlooking how solid a title Mario Golf: World Tour is shaping up to be. Thus, this bit of news will be pertinent to anyone looking to get their 9-iron on early next month.

According to the eShop description, it would seem that Nintendo and Camelot are planning to release paid downloadable content for World Tour. As noted in the blurb, players will be able to ‚Äúdiscover additional paid downloadable courses”, though this is a bit strange seeing as paid DLC is more of a Capcom thing is not usually a Nintendo thing to do. Perhaps this is the start to a future trend, perhaps this whole thing is being misinterpreted, or perhaps this is a one-off considering how a golf game is structured. I guess we’ll find out on May 2.