Does Evolve Have Enough Gameplay to Sustain Itself?

We got our hands on 2K’s big new title Evolve at PAX East 2014 to check out the latest build; and we weren’t the only ones. If there was one line that was consistently long all day at the Boston event, it was the gigantic multiplayer alien game that could. For the demo, we were separated into two groups: Monsters and Hunters. As previously known, there are four different hunters: Tracker, Support, medic and assault. Each has unique abilities that must be properly utilized as a team for success. For monsters, there is just one: Goliath. And this is where we get worried.

Evolve is not a game that has time to spare. It’s currently slated for summer, which means at most there will be five more months until the game is released baring a delay. Yet the only playable and announced monster at this time is indeed the Goliath. Taking down a Goliath is fun. It’s like a tough boss battle and there is multiple strategies that can be used to defeat it. Doing it more than once, however, becomes a bit boring. After all, there’s only so many ways to take it down and even if the difficulty would continue to get ramped up, it would soon become a repetitive chore.

Of course, we don’t think that the Goliath will be the only enemy, but the fact that it’s still the only known one makes us worried for how many there will ultimately end up being. After all, if there were a dozen, Bethesda would be rolling them out at a substantially quicker pace than what we’ve encountered. And even if there are more, how different can they be?

The other thing that has us concerned is the lack of gameplay modes. The Hunt is the only revealed mode so far and it’s basically just shooting a Goliath.

Evolve is currently in an interesting position. It’s a lot of fun, has great balance and seems to be a very well-designed game. In fact, we’re optimistic that it will turn out to be a great game, but we can’t shake the fear that there won’t be enough content to sustain itself for the long haul.