Fry’s Offers Up Xbox One, Titanfall, and Forza 5 For $460

If you’ve got a Fry’s nearby and haven’t picked up an Xbox One, or simply want to get one for a birthday soon, get it there. For a mere $460, you get the system, a Kinect, an HDMI cable, a controller, Forza Motorsport 5, and Titanfall.  This is the best post-release bundle yet for the system as it gets you $120 in free games for $40 less than the base price of the basic system. Both guys are must-owns as well and represent the best of what’s available for the system right now. If you loved past Forza games, you’ll love the fifth numbered entry since they’ve revamped the once-iffy in-game economy, while Titanfall is the most fun FPS I’ve played to date. As someone who isn’t much of an FPS guy, I love the game and would recommend it to anyone who is usually scared off by the genre’s high barrier of entry online.