Dead Nation Arrives On PS Vita Today

PS Vita owners looking for zombies to shoot in a twin-stick shooter can rejoice.  Sony has announced that Dead Nation will finally make its debut on PS Vita nearly a year after its announcement.

Dead Nation was announced for the PS Vita at E3 2013.  Climax Studios, the same team who developed the PS4 version, have been hard at work on adapting the original PS3 game to the Vita.  Dead Nation is part of the Cross-Buy program so if you buy the PS3 version then you get the Vita version for free.  If you already own the PS3 version then you will be able to download the Vita version absolutely free.

It’s very important to note that this is not the Apocalypse Edition the PS4 got.  This is the bare bones PS3 version released on PS Vita.  The Road of Devastation DLC is available, but it will cost you extra.

Dead Nation is available now on PS Vita for $7.99.  The Road of Devestation DLC will cost $3.99.