PAX East 14: No Time To Explain Ports to Unity With Full Controller Support

No Time to Explain was an early Kickstarter success from well before Double Fine blew the gaming doors off the site, but due to one business thing and another it didn’t quite manage to live up to its potential.  Some behind-the-scenes issues resulted in a game that was programmed in Flash, with the lack of controller support that also plagues The Binding of Isaac. No Time to Explain is a side-scrolling game where your gun has a heck of a kick, and the levels are designed so that you not only have to blast enemies but also use the gun as a thruster to navigate the spiky environments.  The game was playable, and the free Season 2 update doubled its size and added plenty of extra features, but without a proper control scheme No Time to Explain could never reach its potential.

Well screw that! “Almost good” is never going to be good enough, so No Time to Explain is getting a complete rebuild in Unity. It looks roughly the same, but being able to have lightning-fast control of the cannon makes all the difference. Navigating through spikes while carefully managing momentum just feels better when you can use the right tool for the job, so while the look and pace is identical to the current version the feel of playing is fantastically better.  It’s been well over two and a half years since No Time to Explain was released, and while the odds of an old game like this getting the kind of sales spike that would justify the conversion seem unlikely at best this is being referred to as “console version”, so it seems likely there’s plans to bring the game to a few new places.  There’s still an unspecified amount of work to go to complete the conversion, though, so to pass the time you can play an in-browser Unity demo here, and read an informative blog post on the conversion over here.