Cult County May Come to 3DS After All, Depends on Kickstarter Campaign

Renegade Kid’s upcoming title, Cult County, has been highly talked about since its reveal just a few weeks ago. Despite coming out for practically every platform available on the market currently (that includes the Wii U and PS Vita), and aside from the fact that nearly all of Renegade Kid’s titles have made a big impact on the 3DS catalog, the developer unveiled not long ago that the game would not actually be gracing Nintendo’s current portable. Of course, this didn’t go over very well with long-time fans of the studio and the 3DS, so Renegade is attempting to right the wrong by way of their latest Kickstarter campaign.

According to the dev, they hope to bring their survival-horror game to the 3DS after all, but such a release will depend solely on the game’s Kickstarter meeting its minimum funded goal of $580,000. Sadly, the project only has 15 days to go and is less than ten percent funded. Meaning to say, things aren’t exactly looking too good for folks clamoring for a new horror title on their Big N portable. Nevertheless, if you’re pulling for a 3DS version, head on over to their campaign page and get to pledging!