JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle Gets a Ridiculous Trophy List

The trophy list for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle has been released, preceding the game’s release next week in North America. The game — which is indeed bizarre — pits 41 characters from all eight story arcs of the manga against each other in a one-on-one fighting game. The trophies live up to the name of the game, featuring some oddly named ones like “WRYYYYYYYYY!” and “YadaaaaaaAAAAABAAAAAAAAAA!” Thankfully, they all look rather fun — if not challenging — to unlock and should make for an entertaining time come April 29.

Check out the full list:


JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
Collected every single trophy.


You’ve mastered this game, haven’t you!
Completed 50 Secret Missions.

A Curious Fate
Cleared all of Story Mode.


Don’t come near me!
Pulled off all the Dramatic Finishes.

Phantom Blood
Cleared Story Mode Part 1.

Got hit by all the battleground gimmicks.

Battle Tendency
Cleared Story Mode Part 2.

Whoa! Look out above you!
Set off all the battleground gimmicks.

You! You were looking!
Completed 30 Secret Missions.

Stardust Crusaders
Cleared Story Mode Part 3.

Some words of praise would be nice!
Purchased 500 gallery items.

Cleared Story Mode Part 8.

Diamond is Unbreakable
Cleared Story Mode Part 4.

Steel Ball Run
Cleared Story Mode Part 7.

Vento Aureo
Cleared Story Mode Part 5.

Stone Ocean
Cleared Story Mode Part 6.


Time to climb the Stairway to Heaven!
Successfully performed Pucchi’s “Maiden Heaven” GHA.

So this is the “Real Man’s” World!
Cleared Episode 2 in Story Mode Part 7.

Now I understand…
Cleared Episode 1 in Story Mode Part 6.

First we need strength!
Cleared Episode 1 in Story Mode Part 5.

We’ll train your arse off!
Completed a match in Versus Mode with Player or COM characters.

Let’s have a nice chat over some tea!
Purchased 100 gallery items.

One hell of an experience!
Cleared Episode 6 in Story Mode Part 4.

Trembling heart!
Landed a HHA.

Landed a GHA.
Di molto good!
Landed a HHA using Easy Beat.

You weakling!
Caused a Guard Crush to occur.

Come prepared or not at all.
Pulled off a zoomed-in taunt.

Pulled off a Stylish Evade.

I like that glint in your eye!
Pulled off a Flash Cancel.

The hell is this, a punching contest?
Caused Rush Mode to activate.

So you saw it…
Completed a Secret Mission for the first time.

I’d feel safer in jail!
Cleared Episode 3 in Story Mode Part 4.

Ode to Humanity
Cleared Episode 2 in Story Mode Part 1.

Adventurers Only!
Set off a battleground gimmick for the first time.

Ain’t beating them!
Cleared Episode 6 in Story Mode Part 3.

Sucks to be you!
You or an opponent were hit by a battleground gimmick for the first time.

Now everybody loves ya!
Cleared Episode 3 in Story Mode Part 3.

Pulled off a Dramatic Finish for the first time.

True warriors love friendship and respect!
Cleared Episode 4 in Story Mode Part 2.

Finished a battle with a HHA or GHA.

I stopped time…
Used Jotaro Kujo’s “I stopped time…” style during DIO’s “It’s a steamroller!” GHA.

Thanks, Gyro. I mean it.
Landed Johnny’s “Pretty long for a shortcut!” GHA on Valentine.

A truly unpredictable Stand!
Landed Josuke 4’s HHA supplementary move, “Meet my “homing missile!” on Kosaku Kawajiri.

Your “end” has no ending!
Successfully performed Giorno’s “Your “end” has no ending!” GHA.

The birth of the Ultimate Life Form!
Successfully performed Kars’ “I am the ultimate life form” GHA.