DLC Infects Mario in Mario Golf: World Tour

Nintendo couldn’t resist, it seems. It was announced today that Mario Golf: World Tour will receive 108 new holes, as well as additional golfers. The downloadable content will be released across three packs, each containing 2 courses, a character and a $5.99 price tag. The first, which will be available at launch, is the Mushroom pack. The Flower pack will follow shortly thereafter, and the Star pack will arrive sometime in June.

Most shocking, perhaps, is the Season Pass offered by Nintendo. Interested parties will be able to purchase all 3 packs for $14.99, and will receive a Gold Mario character upon the release of the third expansion. The Gold Mario has a Golden Flower shot that earns coins as it travels the course. Nintendo stated that the Gold Mario will be available to all players once the final pack releases, but didn’t detail the how’s or what’s.

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