Ragnarok Odyssey ACE Gets More Free DLC, Gravity Rush-inspired Costumes Aplenty

Ragnarok Odyssey ACE just came out a few weeks ago for PS3 and Vita here in North America, and already it’s received some stellar DLC. Best of all, the content has been free! Thus, today’s news is simply more of a good thing with XSEED’s unveiling their next batch of downloadable goodies. This time around, players will net themselves Gravity Rush inspired costumes, allowing folks to trounce baddies dressed up as Kat or Alias from the fantastic PS Vita title. Aside from there, there will be a new quest to tackle in addition to a few more items. Scope the full deets below:

  • Special Quest 1: Includes two new missions entitled, “Blade of the Inhuman” and “Blade of the Inhuman 2”. Completing both will net the town’s blacksmith with special Halomonas weapons.
  • Gravity Rush Set: Zip through the skies dressed as the high-flying Kat, or don the suit and mask of the relentless Alias and stalk your foes from the shadows. Includes special cards that enhance your aerial maneuverability and improve the efficiency of your Dainsleif mode.
  • Big Bell: If you’re bold enough to let them know you’re coming, wear this bell set into battle, and let your enemies know for whom the bell tolls.
  • Flower of a Beauty: Who says you can’t be a lover and a fighter? With this rose in your teeth, you’ll win as many hearts as you impale.