Indie Royale Libredia Bundle Launches

Libredia has made a ton of indie games and now, a bundle can get you eight of them in one fell swoop. For the current minimum of $4, you can get Ride ’em Low, Skyscraper Simulator, Bridge It+, The Secret of Hildegards, Race On (with Race ’07), IHF Handball Challenge ’12, GT Legends, and Agricultural Simulator 2011. While none of these scream must-own to me personally, I can see someone getting this for Race On and GT Legends, and then just having a bunch of extra stuff in their Steam library as a bonus. GT Legends has a very high metascore rating, and does appear to be the best overall game in this bundle. Everything in this bundle unlocks on Steam, and $6 gets you a bonus album called Get Hyper by Monodeer.