Limited Time 10 Game Super Sale Hits OUYA

The past 10 days of deals must’ve been good for the OUYA‘s Discover store, because they’re back! All 10 of the games that were on sale during that promotion are on sale again. The only difference is that it’s for an unspecified limited time, and all of them are discounted at the same time. Every discount is identical to the prior one, so nothing’s been discounted further or less than before. If you went on vacation and didn’t bring your OUYA, then this is a perfect way to get all of the sales that interested you. Zombie Driver HD, Choplifter HD, Raiden Legacy, The Bard’s Tale, Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition, FOTONICA, Retro Racing, Wind-Up Knight, Raiding Company, and GraveStompers are all at least 50% off with ZombieDriver getting an 80% discount down to a mere $1. Since the original sales for these lasted 24 hours, I’d venture a guess and say that will hold true here – so get downloading ASAP if you dig the free trial portions of the games.