Monochroma Cinematic Trailer Released, Nowhere Studios Bettering The World

Those of you unfamiliar with Monochroma should educate yourselves. Though, It’s best described as a story-driven puzzle platformer. Lacking in cut-scenes, text or spoken dialogue, the emphasis in Monochroma is on it’s rich, visual narrative, character interaction and clever puzzles. There’s a tyrannous organization, a dark, dystopian 1950’s setting painting the backdrop, and an emotional tale of two brothers who, for better or worse, are tasked with liberating their world upon witnessing a terrible crime.

According to Burak Tezateşer, Monochroma’s producer, “Monochroma is a game that questions the essence of playing a video game. A game might entertain the player[s], make [them] feel good about [themselves] or even help them socialize, but a good game should also be able to satisfy players emotionally and intellectually, make players think about their lives, the society and the system they are living in just the same way as any good movie or novel does.” The game, which features four chapters of “challenging puzzles” will take players through ghettos, sewer tunnels, factories and even a massive zeppelin on their quest to save the world.

Monochroma was inspired by the “Gezi Protests” 0f 2013, as well as the developers’ childhood memories of leaving the countryside and taking to urban Istanbul. Each frame of gameplay permeates sadness, and there’s a strange sense of abandonment present as you explore the various levels. Indeed, struggle and loss, as well as the “destruction of nature” have been wonderfully captured in Monochroma’s black and white scenery.

Additionally, and certainly another beautiful slice of Nowhere Studios’ dedication to bettering the world, the company will donate $1 to the “Save The Children” organization for every sale made by way of their official website, as well as 15% of their revenue earned in Turkey, which will help house homeless children.

Watch the gorgeous cinematic trailer below.