StarCraft 2 Documentary ‘Good Game’ Airing Live on Twitch Tomorrow

Good news for those who like to watch documentiares of games on the same platform they use to watch live gameplay of games, as it was announced that Twitch will be running a live airing of the StarCraft 2 documentary¬† “Good Game” tomorrow at 10AM PDT/1PM EDT. ¬†The documentary will be followed directly by a live chat room Q&A with director Mary Ratliff and various casts and personalities from film. You can catch the action on on Devolver Films’ Twitch channel.

Good Game centers on competitive gamers who are attempting to use the format as a job along the lines of an athlete. The documentary focuses on the StarCraft 2 division of team Evil Geniuses as they compete around the world.

The film will be released nationwide on May 27.