Pier Solar HD Finally Gets a Solid Release Window

If you’ve been following the 2012 Kickstarter project, Pier Solar HD, then you’ll know that the game was originally supposed to come out last month. Unfortunately, when the title missed its intended launch window, things went dark on the end of developer WaterMelon. Thankfully, though, they’ve re-surfaced and this time seem confident in their latest release date announcement. According to the studio, the throw-back JRPG is on its way, and will hit digital shelves next month. Many fans and kickstarter backers were left wondering what the cause of the delay was in the first place. It would seem that Watermelon wanted to clear the air in that regard. They had the following to say on that very topic:

– Beta test is still going on: the game is super stable but some bugs are still being found. We can’t, in our right mind, ignore those and go for release and rely on patches from day one. As long as there’s a bug, there will be a fix until the game is as smooth as the original.

– Never-ending perfectionism: During the development not only did we program some enhancements to the game such as the Director’s Cut, but also some other improvements are being made to make Pier Solar better in usability and gameplay. Some of these improvements came a bit late in the project but we considered them essential for this release. Don’t worry. We’re not adding new things every day, our scope is 100% closed by now, but some extra dev time was added due to those new features.

– There’s bureaucracy involved: Only after the game passes WM’s internal QA can we consider it Gold Master, and send to our distribution channels (Aka: Steam, PSN, XBLA, e-Shop…) and this process not only takes a bit of time but it also makes sure that our game is compliant with their standards. Only after we’re certified, we’ll be able to get a final release date.

So, there it is. Be on the lookout for Pier Solar HD next month; it’s coming out to a plethora of devices including current, last and last-last-last gen consoles (the Dreamcast) in addition to PC, Android, Linux, Mac and Ouya. Wow, that’s a lot of systems. Glad to see the DC still getting love some 13-years post-mortem.