Dust 514 Re-imagined as Project Legion For PC

Dust 514 makes its PC debut as Project Legion.  The game has been completely re-imagined for release on PC and is described as more of a revolution than an evolution.

“It’s almost that experience made anew,” CCP CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson told Eurogamer. “It’s taking all we learned from Dust and almost making a new game from scratch, even though it’s the same team doing a first-person shooter, so they’re very experienced now. And we’ve made good headway on it.

“It’s almost more a revolution than an evolution, and that’s why we’re calling it Project Legion, because it’s, frankly, more like a new game.”

Project Legion was shown off today at Eve Fanfest.  Pétursson was asked whether Project Legion would appear on consoles, to which he replied that it depends on the fans.  If fans have a positive response to Project Legion at the convention then a console version would be considered.  Whether it will remain a PlayStation exclusive is unknown.

Dust 514 launched on PS3 last year, and garnered a poor critical reception.  Many critics pointed out the game’s poor graphics, poor gameplay execution and a horrendous micro-transaction model in their reviews.  Hopefully CCP really listened to critics and fans of Dust 514 to craft the ultimate experience with Project Legion.