Unreal Tournament Staging a Comeback, Future to be Revealed Next Week

It’s been a long time since we’ve had a proper Unreal tournament; nearly seven years, in fact. As such, fans of the original team-based “blowing each other up” FPS combat franchise have been champing at the bit for another proper entry in the series. It looks like that long wait might be over, as Epic’s Vice President and Co-Founder Mark Rein has announced that Unreal Tournament is making a comeback, stating on Twitter “I love #UnrealTournament – So excited for the comeback! … More next week!”

Epic’s Paul Meegan than followed up the announcement tweeting “UE4 Dev Community + Epic. The future of Unreal Tournament. Tune in to http://www.Twitch.tv/UnrealEngine Thursday at 2pm ET. ”
What this could mean for the series is unclear, but it looks like Unreal Tournament is finally coming back in some form.

We’ll make sure to follow the story and follow-up with more information, hopefully before Thursday’s stream.