Crimzon Clover Headed to Steam

The SHMUP scene isn’t just dominated by the big companies. MOSS, CAVE and Triangle Service aren’t the only heavy hitters within the niche shoot’em up community. In fact, shooters have a huge doujin following. While some (read: many, if not most) are merely displays of amateur game development, others are handled with finesse and care, and led by big names within the scene. Enter Yotsubane, a one-man doujin developer best known for his, thus far, one and only vertical scrolling SHMUP, Crimzon Clover. 

Crimzon Clover was originally released back in 2011 to some serious applause, being touted and referred to as one of, if not the single best doujin shooter on the market. Since its release, hardcore enthusiasts have sought after it in both digital and physical form. While obtaining a physical copy of the game is extremely difficult these days (as it was only given an extremely small run in Japan and is now out of print), that hasn’t stopped folks from tirelessly trying to hunt down a copy. But even aside from being something of a collector’s item, the game is pursued by many simply due to how good of a shooter it is.

Thus, we get to today’s news. It was revealed earlier today that Crimzon Clover is finally getting a proper International release via Steam. Although details are sparse right now, it would seem most likely that we’ll get a localized port of the NESiCA version of the game, which was an enhancement over the original in a number of ways. It also hasn’t been confirmed as to what all will be packed in with this release, but we can probably expect to see some kind of new mode, leaderboard support, Steam achievements and improved visuals. A release date is also a mystery at this time.

In terms of the actual gameplay though, Crimzon Clover can best be thought of as a shooter deeply rooted in the mechanics of some of the genre’s more famed titles such as DonPachi, Soukyugurentai and Ketsui. Meaning to say, it’s a bullet-hell shooter of the most intense kind, meant to test one’s reflexes in the most extreme of ways. There are lock-on lasers, chaining multipliers and just a bevy of stuff to blow up.

As more information come available, you can bet your bottom dollar we’ll be reporting on it — so check back often for all the details. In the meantime, peep the trailer below for a look at what Crimzon Clover is all about.